Friday, January 4, 2013

New years resolutions 2013

Ok so I just looked at last years resolutions and the only thing I was kinda ok at was family night and that hasnt been great the last few months because I have been so busy. I am so not happy that I didnt manage to a very good job. I will just have to keep this printed off and with me all of the time so i dont forget. The year went by really fast is all I have to say. I basically would like to keep the same resolutions and start my family night again but instead of it always being movie night I think i will ask the kids what they want or each week chose a kid and let them decide what it will be. Only Abe will probably want to just eat chocolate and pizza the whole night. I hope I do better this year. Healthy is the thing. I checked out a book called MOM ENERGY so i am hoping they have good tips.