Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Doing the Total mom thing

Is anyone doing Hannah Keeley Total MOM Makeover. I am really getting into it and she has totally inspired me . I am stuck though. There is a part that has me totally stuck. In her book she gets to a part that says that you need to de-clutter and to put rooms into zones and do one zone at a time. Well my problem is is that ever since we moved into this house a year and a half ago I am not toally moved in.
When we got the house we had 2 weeks to move in so my Dh has a friend who was so awsome at the time and said he could get it all done in the tome so we could move into a nicer place. He painted, he tore out the baseboards throughout the whole house, tore out the bathtub and toilet,sink and tile in one the other bathroom tore out the toilet, sink and tile. DInt touch the shower as the tile was nice. I was so excited that my house was gonna look so much more modern and fresh. Well, week one there was progress and week 2 guess what the oh so awsome friend skipped out on us and never returned.
Guess what my house looks like now? THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In one bathroom I have only a toilet and the old sink. The other bathrook only a sad little shower.
My husband works 7 days a week allllllllllllllllllllllllll day . I have to 2 kids and help him out alot.
When I got to this part in thebook I just wanted to cry. I do have some stuff to declutter and organize but I want to cry . Right now we have no extra money as the business is very slow. What should I do? Just wait or just declutter.
I feel like I cant move foward.

Kinda a SAHM

Is it just me or is it the mommy syndrome. I am a sahm but not really because I own a restaurant so life is crazy. I have 2 kids both under 4,both girls and 11 months apart. HELP. I feel like a basket case. DH works all 7 days and I have been going in 2-5 hours usually the 5 days to help put but I have to take the kids. No I cant get a babysitter because money is so tight and I hate leaving my kids . Yet they drive me mad at work. What should I have them do to keep them entertained? I am so tired lately just getting up and out of the house is a huge ordeal. By the time I get to work with kids and all I am frazzled . For instance today was not good by the time I got home it was 6pm they girls were a mess and tired and moody and whiny. I put on a movie, made them dinner, the little one got a plinter in her finger and it was magniyfied because she was so tired. Finally I took care of the splinter and put them to bed. I feel like I cant wait for them to go to bed just so I can get a break. Sometimes I am ready to go to sleep too but I get up just so I can have a little time to myself.
If anyone has any advice on how to make this a little more tolerable please
please go for it.