Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yummy things and Neat kid things

Yesterday was full of yummy things and fun things. I had some bananas in my fruit basket that were pretty brown and I knew nobody would touch them. So I pulled out one of my favorite cook books Bettty Crocker and found a yummy recipe for Banana Bread. It was so good, it's just about gone. Yummy in my tummy. We also got a few packages in the mail. I sure love to get goodies in the mail. One of my friends from Stroller Strides had this cute toy for her daughter. It's a I spy bag. Similar to the books but in a little compact bag. It has a clear window and a list that is attached. It keeps the kids entertained just about anywhere. I love that I can take the list off and ask Mia to look for stuff for me. There are over 40 items to look for. Everthing from a birthday candle to a seashell. This is our new favorite toy. I found ours on ETSY. If you would like one the sellers shop name is: lostartdesigns.etsy.com

Our next thing we got in the mail makes my life easier and the girls love it. They are called snack-a-long bags. They are so cute. They are bags with a handle and are lined with a a easy to clean inside. Since I go to stroller Strides 3 times a week these bags are going to be great. I always take a cooler bag with me with a whole bunch of snacks for the girls. They always seem to fight over the bag. And then I came across these. They each can have a bag with there goodies in them. They are big enough for a drink and sandwich and small enough to fit anywhere. And when they get dirty I can throw them in the wash. Don't you love the prints? I also got this on ETSY and this sellers shop name is: mojacreations.etsy.com

Pretty neat, huh?? So if you haven't yet noticed I love ETSY. I wish I was crafty enough to have a shop on ETSY. Maybe one day.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mommy's little helper

So as you all may have read in my past post's, Ava is some what of a trouble maker. Her new thing right now is to carry around her sisters stool that is for a vanity, and she climbs on everything. She uses it to get things on my kitchen island, to push buttons on the dvd player and turn off and on lights.

Here she trying to help with the dishes.

And now she is so happy she got up. I have no idea how she's staying on that little stool. So her fun lasted for a few hours, and now that cute princess stool is up high in the closet. Sorry Miss Ava.

Friday, February 20, 2009

By the way....

Um speaking of beans I had some yesterday and since I am breastfeeding the baby cried for an hour straight . No more beans for us .


author (Barry Turner)

Back from Nebraska

Well we went on an unexpected trip to Nebraska. It was so great to see my husbands family. Aside from my sisters my 2 sister in law are my best friends. It is nice to have that. I hadnt seen them in years so it was great. We only stayed 2 days. It was a 22 hour drive there and then another 22 back. Mabey more. It felt like 100 hours because the girls had to keep getting out to pee every 5 minutes but we got through it. Not to mention my 3 month old baby . I hate to admit it but he was out of his carseat attatched to my boob most of the trip. I was paranoid the whole time. Forget the ticket but what if we had an accident? It was hard traveling with a baby so small and 2 little girls but well worth it.
The bad part is is that the girls have a cold and Lizzie has a terrible cough. Well I will post pics of our trip tommorow. I am very tired. We got home Wenesday and I havent stopped since. My house looks pretty clean but I have some organizing to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello friends and family

We had a great weekend. My hubby was off and we just got to hang out, go shopping and spend some time playing together. I do need some advice about POTTY TRAINING. Mia was just about trained when she was 2 1/2 years old. She was doing really great and then she slipped and her rear end fell in the toilet and she was so upset. She then wanted nothing to do with the potty. SO now we have been doing it everyday, we have a potty chart, a cute dora toilet seat cover and she is still kinda scared. I know I have to have patience with her but it seems like she takes one step forward and then one back. Do any of you fellow moms have any advice for me? Any tips?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day

This was pretty much our morning. The girls and Rob loved there goodies. Have a great day!! My Favorite Plant . It's been around for 7 years. I can't belive I have kept it alive this long.
The girls made these at Stroller Strides.
Our cards , we are loved.
Ava loves her stuff.
Mia has crazy hair.

Bronze Beauty

Some of you may know(and for those of you that don't) my sister and I have started a little side business. We are doing sunless airbrush tanning. It is so great. I have always loved tanning. Before I had my oldest daughter Mia I would love to go tan in a tanning bed on my lunch break from work. I loved the glow it gave me. But after years of reading how bad it is and meeting several people who have had skin cancer, I decided it's not worth it. And then about a year ago I was watching a new show on the E channel Sunset Tan. It really caught my eye, on one of the episodes the employee went to tan someone at there home for a special event. It took about 10min to setup and tan. It was great. We researched it, took a class, we have our machines and we are now tanning. I love the idea that we are mobile it gives moms just like us the flexibility to stay home, give us a quick call and in about 10min be tan for the summer, or a special event. I am so excited, in a couple of weeks I will be doing my Stroller Strides "Moms night Out". I will tanning the ladies and we will relax and have food and drinks. I can't wait. I wanted to make them a little goodie bag to take with them. I added a little thank you, some before and after instructions and some yummy body scrub. The body scrub is a sugar scrub. I have two different scents, Hawaiian coconut and Pineapple Orchid. I hope they love them. I hope to get some more ideas for my goodie bags to make them even cuter. What do you think of them?? Have a great Valentines day!! Spread the LOVE!-Vickie

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Abe so far

Well this was a few weeks ago. I just love him.

Reynas Blankie

Well I made this blanket for baby Reyna for her 1 year birthday. I just wanted to show you all so you can make one if you please.
It is just one 1/2 yards of cotton fabric and 1 yard of flannel. I like the double sided deal because one side is warm and the other cool and this blanket is very easy to fold up or roll up in your bag. I use the other 1/2 yard for the pillows. I also used the sating border but I have a blanket without the border and it works well too.

Obsessed with .....................

Things I am obsessed with at the momemt......



Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just because pics

Just some random things from around my home that I love. What do you love around your home??? Have a good day.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cake I made my nephew

Sweet Baby Cora

I love mornings when I can get up and have a little free time and catch up on my favorite blogs. One of the blogs I love is Thrifty Decor Chic. It can be found to the right of the screen. I was reading along when I saw a beautiful family and a very sad story. This poor family has been through so much in the last weeks. Reading this story broke my heart. It made me want to thank GOD for all I have been blessed with and hug my family a little bit tighter. If you would like to read about this family's journey I will provide the blog address: http//:themcclenahans.blogspot.com Let us pray for this family during this hard time.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I just wanted to send a big HUG and say CONGRATS to my friend Rose. After 22 years of trying she is pregnant!!!!!!!! I am so happy I could cry. I jumped on the infertility train with her 6 years ago and now have 3 little buggers after alot of heartache and 8 years of trying. I cant imagine how happy Rose must be after 22 years to finally be having her baby. She is in shock still and is 6 weeks pregnant. Please anyone who reads this pray for her to have and uneventful pregnancy.
Love Lisa

Making a cake tonight

Well I am busy making a cake for my nephew on my husbands side. I figure I dont have my cute little neices and nephew near by to do it for so I try to pretend he is Reyna because she just turned 1 and he will be 1 tomorrow. I love decorating cakes. I wish I could take a class and learn how to really do it right. I just use my creativeness (is that a word?) to do it. I will post a picture of my artwork when I finish.

Happy Friday

TGIF!!! I have always loved Fridays, but today it's even better. It's raining outside. We need the rain sooooo bad. Last week here in the Inland Empire it was 80 degrees. I love it but in January I want to wear sweaters and jeans. We need a break. So I am so excited to sit by the window with the girls and look out at the rain drops. I love to crack the window open just a bit and hear the rain drops hit the ground. We may even get crazy and run out in the rain. Mia's rain boots will be perfect. Have a great Friday and a great weekend. -Vickie