Thursday, May 14, 2009

Abe is 6 months old today!!!

My little guy is finally 6 months old. I love this age. He cant sit up yet though. He is almost there to where I get to sit him in the shopping cart and things get a little easier. I am introducing him to solids now or trying but he is more interested in my boob.I like to make homemade baby food and also use gerber on the side. Well I wish I could post a new pic but I cannot find my camera.

Monday, May 11, 2009

In case your wondering

Ok I know you might be wondering why I am post happy tonight.....Well the baby and Sophie are asleep , Lizzie wont go to sleep but she thinks she is washing dished in the kitchen so she is out of my hair and Dh is not home yet. Yes it is past 11 and I am very tired but I never get to be online . I always miss coming here so I thought I would contribute to the blog a little. I only wish I could find my camera so I could post pics too. Abe is so big.WHERE IS MY CAMERA?????

Soft skin

Well I have the skin of a lizard or some type of reptile so I remebered a good friend told me to rub down with baby oil before I get out of the shower. Well since I am always in a mad rush I keep the baby oil in the shower and squirt it on all over then dry off. I dont even rub it in because the drying motion of the towel does it all and my skin feels good and I smell good. This is great for the kids too but be careful not to slip in the shower or anything.

Lowfat drink

Ok in my weightwatchers days I used to treatmyself to a cup of this.
Packaged Hot Cocoa mix with lowfatmilk, then add a spoonful of instant coffee, nonfat whopped cream and sprinkle some cinnamon on it.
OK OK I know it is getting so darn hot but its still a treat.

Goodass chocolate cake

Ok so if you are having a chocolate attack as I often do I just by the boxed Devils food cake and make 2 rounds but I do make the frosting on the back of the Nestle cocoa box. When it cools and I am ready to frost I slice the rounds in half so I have 4 thin layers and frost each of them and OH MAN!!!!!. Sometimes after I frost I either put mini chocolate chips all over the sides or sliced almonds to make it look really good.YUMMY.

Me and my man

Ok so my husband and I are purging the house of all the junk in it little by little and I realize we are paper horders. Man all the paperwork in this house are gonna take over.We both love to read and write so we have tons of notebooks,pens , books and tons of papers we save to look at when and if we ever have time. It is so hard to let go of some papers but you just have to . We are determined to cut the junk and crap we dont need. My husband wants to trash everything and as far as papers go thats fine but as far as clothes and useable things I just cant so I will be going to the goodwill alot.

Once again NEW GOAL

Ok so today I said I am going to say something positive for everything negative I say or complain about so today it went on and on and I realized how much I complain.
I was like OH MY GOD it is so HOT so I said at least I have a/c in the car and home.
Then I was like OH MY GOD I didnt get all the groceries I needed so I said well I got pretty much all that was on my list and I have food for us to eat.
Then I was like I am sick of washing the same fricking clothes and I sick of not having nice clothes so I said at least I have clothes.
So anyways it went on and on but it really helped.

New Goal

Someone needs to....

* write a book on how to manage 3 kids 5 and under
* invent a thermometor that instead of #'s says :
all is well
a little hot
give meds
go to ER NOW!!
*take the candy and little toys out of the check out isle
*give me a phone where the persone on the other line can only HEAR ME and not all the background drama.

Ok you all can add yours

Saturday, May 2, 2009


My mission in life is to learn patience. I think God sent me my 4 year old for this purpose.I have always been VERY inpatient and I struggle so much with Sophie. I dont know where I am gonna get it or how to be patient but I know I HAVE to make a huge effort. If anyone has any suggestions please help.

My Life So Far

Hello everyone its me sister #1 or #3 whatever but it is Lisa . I am so sorry I have not posted but with a 5 month old and the 4 and 5 year old girls I have been going through an adjustment and it hasnt been easy. My family and I are going through many changes so honestly it has been hard. I have been trying to stay sane lately by reading some inspirational books, trying to pray or be with God in the moment when I cant pray. A friend once told me that when you have times that you just cant pray that it is OK and you can be with God in the moment and in silence.
I just realized last night especially with this Swine flu fear that I have to TRUST GOD with whatever happens in my life and know that whatever happens with my business, house and life is in his hands and HIS will. All things work out for the good of GOD. This is what I am going to keep telling myself and try to stop worrying about everything.