Friday, January 30, 2009


Well today my little man had his 2 month shots. I am so paranoid. It was so sad to see him cry so hard. I almost passed out. I got so nervous and all hot and sweaty that the nurse told me to sit down because she thought I was gonna pass out. I dont know why I am being so paranoid about something bad happening to him since this is my 3rd child. I think it is me and my hormones. Oh well just wanted to share. At least my MIL is here and I got to go alone and she babysat the girls. Man now that I am home and the girls havent stopped fighting I want to leave again!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday REYNA

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Reyna....Happy Birthday to you.....................(and many moooooorrrrreeee)
Love aunt lisa and family

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess who's 1!!!!!

Reyna my niece is Turing 1 years old tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE REYNA. This little girl is such a sweet baby. She has such a great personality. She is always laughing and smiling. My absolute favorite thing she does is being nosy. She loves to watch and listen to what people are doing and saying. She them gets the cutest serious look on her face. SOOO funny. Reyna has also done something very special. My sister has always been a great sister, a great friend and now she is a wonderful mother. It seriously brings a tear in my eye and a feeling of warmth in my heart to see her and Reyna. She loves this little girl like crazy and the look Reyna gets when she sees mommy is priceless. I can't it's been one year since her birth. I can't wait to see miss Reynie grow up. Happy B-day!! We love and miss you.
Tia Vickie

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mia is 3!!!

Yep my little girl is 3. According to her she's a big girl. And she really is. It makes me sad inside to see her so big and so independent. She is such a sweet girl. I love that she is such a girlie girl but loves to wrestle and run around outside with daddy and Robert. I am so lucky to have such a great daughter. She always seems to make us laugh no matter what we are doing. And her little sister adores her. I am really looking forward to seeing Mia grow up (but just not to soon). Happy Birthday Mia, we love you so so so much.

I love my sisters

Ahhhh Lisa your comments are so sweet. You made me cry in a good way. I love and appreciate having both of you everyday. My sisters are such a blessing. I complain all the time that I don't have them closer but I shouldn't. Yeah I do wish we could be in the some town, but just being able to talk to them daily is great. We give each other the extra support we need. I know when ever I have questions about the my girls getting sick I call Lisa. And when I need a attitude adjustment or a reality check I call Veronica. I think our differences make us get along better. How boring if we were all the same. I love you both with all of my heart. You two are such great mothers and I brag about you all of the time. I am so glad to have sisters like you. (I feel like watching "Little Woman now")

Monday, January 26, 2009

Have I told you all ABE has blue eyes????

OK OK I know blue eyes are not rare (VERO) but to me it is the most adorable thing ever. I am so in love with my now 2 month old even though he could be in the category of a HIGH NEED BABY according to my favorite DR. Sears. He is the cutest thing. Of course I would think so since he is mine. He is a cross between the 2 girls but with BLUE eyes. There are green and blue eyed people in the family but he is the only grandchild with them so that is why I am in shock.

Love Notes

I was just sitting here thinking of how much I love my sisters and why. I couldnt choose better friends and wouldnt want to. I just thought it was important to let you guys know how much I love you both. I think we need to do that with the people we are surrounded by and try to see the good in them. I guess we all have faults but if we just try to see the good in people especially those who are harder to get along with them it makes life easier.
There was a priest (Father Caropi) on EWTN one night and he was saying how back in the days as a sacrifice those who are now saints would wear a sweater made out of cat hair and it was really itchy and uncomfortable. They did this to be able to tolerate more and more. Well he said that now a days we all have our sweaters but instead of a garmet it is the people we live with or deal with daily.
Who is your sweater? I know mine.. or actually I have a few!! LOL.My sisters know who my 3 are.

I love and admire Vickie because.....

She is ORGANIZED, cute, makes me laugh, is sweet and always wants to keep the peace with everyone and is so patient with her girls.
Love lisa

I admire and love Vero because.....

I love Vero because she is smart, independent, strong, pretty, very almost toooooo honest and responsible. She is also a really good and faithful mom to Reyna.
Love Lisa

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My baby Boy

Sorry the picture came out funny I think. Here are the 3 and the reason I am not online much.

Just wanted u guys to see my 2 little angels showing off. They are so wild I cant take it anymore.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello, I'm back

Hey fellow blogger I am back. My daughters and I have been ill with the flu. YUCK!!! The girls had it bad, and Ava even had a breathing treatment. But the flu sure did me in. I had it bad. Body aches, chills, fever, coughing, sore throat and just when I thought I was getting over it I got a ear infection. This was my first one and it was not fun at all. It started Monday night and I still can't hear very well and they pop every once and awhile. I do feel a lot better today. I am so thankful. I have so much to do and the flu is getting in my way. I am so thankful everyday for my health. This week of being sick has really made me appreciate the days I feel so good, get so much done, and get to play with my kids. Something else made me appreciate my health and my family's health. My friend Melissa mentioned in her blog Our delightful life (it is to your left on my list)about another blog she follows. The blog is very inspirational. This woman and her husband were in a terrible plane crash. They survived but were badly burned. They have both been going through surgery's and trying to heal. She is now back on her blog and blogging about what her everyday routine is now that she is home and about what they have been going through. It is so sad. I can't even imagine. Reading her blog has really made me appreciate everything I have even more. Reading her blog is sad but uplifting at the same time. She is such a loving, positive person. She has inspired me to be a better person.This family will be in my thoughts and my prayers. When times get tough we need be positive and be thankful.
I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed!!
(the picture is a old one but I love it)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oh I forgot....

I too want to become good at coupons and saving money and I want to become more active in our business behind the scene. i have menus to create and I know I could do more promotion.
Scrapbooking??? Mabey next year or in the summer.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My 2009 Resolutions

Well, since Lisa my sis put hers down I guess putting mine down might help with actually sticking to them this year. I have a bunch of them:

- Working out to feel better (I'm always tired)
- Running my first half marathon this June
- Winning the get-fit-challenge
- Get going on my scrapbooks again.(Ava will be 2 in May, and no book yet)
- Make my new business a success (Tantastic)
- Eat healthy (more fruit and veggies)
- Get the girls and Rob on a better schedule.
- Becoming a pro at using coupons
I think that's it. I might have a few more but I'm sleepy. I really want this year to be different. My life is great as it is, but doing these things will make it that much better. Let's make this a great year with Lot's of great adventures!!!!!-Vickie

My computer is getting over its virus.

Ok so my computer was acting up really bad and I think I have finally fixed it but I lost everything so I have to start over. The only thing that kills me is that I lost the menu we use at the restaurant and that took me hours upon hours to create . Oh well new year new menu. Also alot of pictures. So I will be on more now.

New Years Resolutions

I could.......become more organized, put the kids to sleep at the same time every night, wake them the same time every day, schedule our meals too, excersize at least 3 times a week, send cards out on time, take my vitamins everyday, juice everyday, put my mask on every week, wash my face every night before bed, take a little time for me once in a while, take care of my nails and feet even if I do my own mani's and pedi's, read a good book once a month or at least every 3 months, pray my rosary daily and read a little of my bible once daily, spend more time with the girls and be more PATIENT with them, I could be a better wife but the question is...........
WILL I ?????????????

Friday, January 2, 2009


We always have such a great time at Sea World. We much prefer Sea World to other theme parks right now. Having the girls so little makes it hard to stand in long lines and walk around with large amounts of people. We love to watch the shows, feed some of the animals and play at the Bay of Play. And of course the girls love SHAMU. Just seeing Mia's face light up when Shamu jumps out of the water is all worth it. Ava likes the first 3 min. of the show and then she would much rather pick things off the floor around us, YUCK!! Robert just sits back and eats snacks. We always have such a blast. My husband and I love the beer tasting. A little treat for us. It doesn't get much better than that. Have a great weekend, Vickie