Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My two little girls

I had to take this picture of Mia and Ava last night. They looked so cute. When Ava was born I could not wait for both of them to be running around together. But as I watched them brushing their teeth, sadness came over me. My baby girls are growing up. It always surprises me how different they are. Mia is so easy going and Ava is very demanding. I can't wait until they are both standing in that bathroom when they are 15 and 16 years old. Well, maybe I can. Have a great day!! -Vickie

Monday, August 18, 2008

Did my water break????

Well that is what I thought when I was sitting on the couch I felt very wet. I was so scared and was told to go to the hospital. It turns out it was not amniotic fluid at all. Thank GOD because that would not have been a good thing since I am only 25 weeks along.
I guess I now cant feel leakage. It seems strange but it is scary. Do I need depends?

Our Sunday at Harveston in Temecula

Since we are trying to eat better and be more active, we decided to take a trip to one of our favorite neighborhoods. We love the Harveston community. It reminds us of little lake town. It has a lake, pool, a kids water area, many parks, a community center, a daycare, and a elementary school. All in one area. We absolutely love it. It is our goal to live there. I really want to raise my kids here. As soon as we can move out of Perris we want to buy a home there. Enjoy the pics!

We made playdough!!

I wanted to thank Lisa for the great recipe. It was fun and easy. Mia loved it. I guess Rob did to. Check out the pictures. Mia even helped me clean it all up.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Uploading Problems

Well I tried to upload Lizzie's haircut but it isnt working for some reason?

Haircut #2 Lizzie

Haircut #1 Sophie

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

30 days to a happier, more confident you!!

I got my September issue of Shape magazine last week and there is an article in it that caught my eye. Every week you do something diff rent to help with your confidence and make you happier. If you don't subscribe to Shape I will post the to-do list for that week. Just in case any of you want to do it with me.
Week 1: Picture yourself happy. Find a photo from a time in your life when you were content and post it somewhere you'll see it often. It creates a point of reference, reminding you that you can be in that place again. Id your excuses. There will always be reasons you can't eat healthy at work, hit the treadmill, and more. Write down a few of them, and think about whether they're actually valid. Quiet your mind. Silence can be a hard commodity to come by, but it's benefits make it well worth the investment. Give yourself an hour to clear your head. Take a walk, go have a coffee alone, or walk into a quite store. Stand and deliver. Body language. Perfect your posture by holding your body erect and your head high, and your confidence levels are certain to follow in suit. Silence your inner critic. "you have no will power!" "your so lazy!" The more you say negative things to yourself, the more you'll swallow them as reality. Replace those words with more self-accepting one.
Give this a try this week I will post new to-do list next week. Have a great day!Vickie

My new keep me organized and ready to go box

Hey moms I found a cool box a few days a ago. I needed a box to keep by my stairs on my counter. I have this counter with cabinets right where the stairs are. I usually keep my diaper bag, my cell phone and charger, my planner, any books or magazines I am reading, and other little odds and ends. When I saw this box at ROSS the other day I knew it would be perfect. It has a lid that flips open and it has to holes on each side. I put all my goodies in it. I can even keep my cell phone cord nice and neat. I just slid the cord through the hole and my phone in neat inside. I love my box. Isn't it funny how little things like that can make a difference. I now have all the stuff I need in one place, ready for me to grab and go. Do any of you have any good ideas for organizing? Any neat boxes, bags, baskets? I would love some great ideas. VICKIE

Sunday, August 10, 2008

7 Life Lessons For the Busy Mom

Well I just wanted to share that Vickie sent me this book and I love it. It is good for all of us busy moms. My biggest challenge is organization and I know I have to work on it big time. It is a goal of mine. Once I get my head out of the toilet and have this little baby I will be able to take on anything. I am convinced that if I can get through this I can handle anything so mabey it is a life lesson.
Today was not a good day for me as I am so sick and the meds kill me.
I hope everyone is doing good.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hello ladies,
Well today like most I am having mood swings. Most due to pregnancy and also the anti-nausea medication I am on. I am mega stressed out and dont know what to do with the kids. The constant demands are wearing on me. I took them to get an ice cream and thought that would break up the day but now they want to go swimming and I just want to lay down and sleep till my contractions kick in.
I made another batch of Rocky Road because after a meal it puts a better taste in my mouth and I actually can eat it.
I have a list of food I want to eat once the baby is born:
I big burrito from my Taqueria
A gallon of ice water

See I am not asking for much even if I didnt have anything but the WATER that would be nice. I truly miss being able to drink fluids and not feel terrible afterewards. The constant state of dehydration is really not good.
Well I better go get the kids in the pool and worn out so they go to bed early.

Mia looks adorable.

My little Mia

I had to share this picture of Mia, I can't believe how grown up she looks. It makes me so sad when she does things all by herself now. Mia is such a sweet little girl. She loves to help mommy clean, help with her sister, and most of all she loves to sing and dance. Ask anyone who is around her for awhile she is full of energy. She is such a ham. I always tell her daddy he is in trouble when she gets older.

My Beauty Fav's

Since Lisa gave her Favorite beauty items I think I write down some of mine. I have quite a few items that I love right now:

Monday, August 4, 2008


Well I am glad that one of my sisters is back. Not that we dont talk daily but it is fun. Even for me that I dont have kids in school come september I feel a new start too. Just programed that way I guess. I just had my 24 week appointment and it seems like I am getting somewhere. I have my next 3 appointments set up so the end feels closer.
Vickie that is a great idea to make this a new start instead of waiting for the New Year. Summer is almost over. I have my planner set up till the 1st of December then the pages run out. I feel like I cant start till baby is here and I feel human again. I have plans too.
1. To set aside an hour a day for the girls for learning such as writting or practicing letters and numbers and the evening 1/2 hour for a project or me reading them a book.
2. TO get the girls in their OWN beds.
3. Set up babies little things.

Thats is about all I can hang with right now. I really do desire to become an organized woman but it has always been a challenge. I cant do all I want till baby is out and I am not puking my guts out but I can make plans and notes.


Hey Ladies I'm back

Hey everyone, I'm back. Our Summer is now coming to an end. My husband goes back to work this Friday and My son starts 6Th grade on the 18Th. Yay, no more "I'm bored".
And also as of Tuesday of next week I am a FOOTBALL WIDOW. It's hard at the beginning of the season, but as the season goes on I get in the groove and the girls and I get on a schedule. I really like the beginning of the school year, because even though I don't go back to work or school it feels like a fresh start for me. I do this list of things at the start of the every school year and a few new one's :

1. I Get a new planner( I write down all of my husbands football games, parent meeting and our play dates)
2. I clean out any junk drawers that hold coupons, recipes, take-out menus, and old mail.
3. I get special folders for school information, clipping from magazines (like recipes and decorating ideas) and I also put extra copies of my son's chore charts.
4. And last I sit down and start planning my goals for the year, here are a few: 1. Get into better shape (TONE UP THAT FLAB), 2.I really want to start running on a daily basis(I would love to run a marathon one day), 3. I want to become a better cook and get my family eating a lot healthier. and 4. I want to take care of myself more, we always push our needs aside but this year I want to take time each day for me. Even if it's 20-30min. just to read a magazine, take a jog, or polish my nails. It makes me a better mom and wife if I can unwind.

Well, I look forward to Blogging some more. I also look forward to reading all of my favorite blogs. Bye for now, Vickie

Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Beauty Items

Ok another buddy did this on her blog so I thought I would start this too.Mind you I have been out of the beauty world and stuff for years so I am sure there atre bigger and better out there but these are my favorites.

Favorite Makeup line or Items: I love Clinque because it is great makeup and works well for my sensitive skin. The foundation I love is the Super Fit. Also they have the best lipgloss.

SKIN CARE : Principal Secret HANDS DOWN!! THis has got to be the best skin care line I have found. I was hooked on Murad which is great but it is very expensive . I have tried many many lines and one day saw the informercial and ordered it and have been on it ever since. I have many people hooked on it too.

Body Lotions: I wish I were good at remebering to apply it but I am not and I have horrible dry skin. So Cetaphil has been great when I remeber. It is a cream which is thicker, has no scent and good for sensitive skin.

Well thats about it for me I still need help with my eyelashes that are superlong but fine and after I curl and put on mascara they are back down again and it makes me angry.

Well hopefully my sisters will add to this since they are better at this and always smell pretty.