Tuesday, September 29, 2009

14 weeks and counting

OK so here is my belly. Now that the freaking out part of having 4 kids is gone, I am so excited and anxious for my belly to grow. I took a quick picture of myself. Yep, I'm wearing maternity jeans. I love them!!! I was just waiting for my regular jeans to fit a little snug so I had an excuse to go buy a pair. Have a great Day!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mia and Ava at the football game

I forgot to post some pics of the girls. Poor things it was so hot out there. It was 3:45pm when we got there and it was 111 degrees. We all stayed really hydrated. Robert even said it was hard to breath out there on the field. We got them Gatorade and tons of water. Bye for now.

Wildcats Football

Team captains flipping the coin.
Roberts getting in there for the tackle.

Getting ready to play.

Robert's touchdown catch. It was pretty awesome.

His teammate giving him some props after his touchdown.

This Friday and Saturday were great days for my Husband and Son. They both kicked some butt. My husbands high school football team won: 48-14. It was a great game. I took the girls to see daddy in action. They loved it. Besides Mia hiding every time the Wildcats Mascot came close to her. She was practically under my shirt. She is so funny.

My sons game on Saturday was also great. The hour and 45 min drive and the 111 degree heat was all worth it. His team won: 34-0. And best of all Robert scored a touchdown. It was great. I'm so proud. I got some great pictures of Robert being team captain and him in action. He is #9. Have a great rest of the weekend. Go Wildcats!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Home #2

Ok so here I go again. I am posting more pis of the house. I actually feel better today, so I cleaned up a bit and took these before the house gets messy again. This first pic is our family room that leads into the kitchen /dining area.

Here is our kitchen table area/ kitchen.

Family room. Sorry the sun was not letting me take good pictures.

Just more pictures. I know the walls are pretty plain, can't decide what to put up.

More pics of the kitchen, dining area, and that door leads to the garage.

My kitchen, it's smaller than my other kitchen, but hey less to clean.

And here is the pool table room. We have it covered so the girls won't be tempted to take the balls out of the pockets.

We love the downstairs lay out. It is so cozy. I will get to the upstairs one of these days. Hopefully my energy stays a few more days and I can clean it all up. Bye for now. -Vickie

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Home

I have wanting to put pic's on the blog so that my sisters and fellow bloggers can see my new home. Here are a few pictures of our patio. When I feel more up to it I will post more of the inside.

This first one is of our patio. We have to front doors. The first one is connected to our "CASITA" :aka: man cave. You then walk into the patio and onto our second front door into our home. And the second one is of our first front door.

My little flowers. I love them. But with this 100 degree weather they are struggling.

This is the girls area in the patio. They have there little home and sand and water table.

Here is the side of my house. We have grass and some great trees.

And here is my back yard. It's not much but we love it. We have a great view of the baseball fields and the park. We really don't need to much of a backyard, because our community has so much to do. Hey it's less work for us.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Long time gone

OK so I have been pretty flaky with the posts. But I do have a good reason for it. I am still feeling pretty sick. I really hope this nausea goes away soon. I have so much I want to do and need to do. It's so bad some days that the girls and I just leave the house to take my son to school and then go pick him up. For the sake of my family I want this to end! The kids and I have so much to do, Fall is on its way and we need to get busy playing outside and decorating the home. Oh yeah and guess who else is preggo? My younger sister!!! I can't believe that all three of us are expecting. We are all so happy about it. The only thing that can make this even better is if we could hang out with each other daily. Talking on the phone just isn't enough. Have a great Tuesday and I will posting again soon. Congrats Vern! -Vickie

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well I just saw Vickies little man. Well I think its a man and I hope mine is another man but like Vik said either way we will be happy. I just want healthy and cute. Hehehe.
Well I had the girls make themselves a homemade pizza and they thought it was so fun. Lizzie hates it and says she wants me to order one. Yes she stayed home again!!!! It has been 3 weeks and she has missed 5 days so far . Not good. The first 3 were from a fever cough and cold and now this week she had a fever yesterday and and now she is home . She has no fever today but the school wants you to keep them home 24 hours after. So here we are like old times.