Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So as you can tell by my post title something is wrong with my camera. It's doing weird things. Until then I will post with no pic's or old pic's.

I wanted to know how you all felt about t.v's in cars. I have heard so many bad things and good things. One mom made me feel horrible because I had one. Well, here is what I think "I LOVE IT". It keeps the kiddos busy on long trips, they can listen to there own music, and bottom line it keeps them calm. I would recommend every parent get one. Mine is awesome. What do you all think???

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The Texas Butlers said...

Don't listen to other moms. Do what you feel is right for your children. We don't have the luxury of a SUV with a built-in DVD player, but we have a portable one. It so comes in handy on long car rides. I even take it with me on plane trips to California. A lifesaver!