Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Life So Far

Hello everyone its me sister #1 or #3 whatever but it is Lisa . I am so sorry I have not posted but with a 5 month old and the 4 and 5 year old girls I have been going through an adjustment and it hasnt been easy. My family and I are going through many changes so honestly it has been hard. I have been trying to stay sane lately by reading some inspirational books, trying to pray or be with God in the moment when I cant pray. A friend once told me that when you have times that you just cant pray that it is OK and you can be with God in the moment and in silence.
I just realized last night especially with this Swine flu fear that I have to TRUST GOD with whatever happens in my life and know that whatever happens with my business, house and life is in his hands and HIS will. All things work out for the good of GOD. This is what I am going to keep telling myself and try to stop worrying about everything.

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