Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hulaballo Fun

Last week we went to the outlet mall and saw Hulaballo. He is great. He sings old classic kids songs and also some very funny ones he wrote. It was great.
Ava was a total social butterfly. Mia was the one that always surprises me. She was so shy.

Ava singing and dancing to the pirate song. It was great to watch her.

She even wanted to go up on stage with the guy singing.

Mia and her buddy Jaycee were so cute. They loved to play the maracas. It was a good time. Its been hard these days to get out with the girls. I've been so uncomfortable and in pain. So it was great to get out. I only have like 7 weeks left! I can't wait to start running again. Happy Super Bowl Weekend!!!!!

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