Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Hello I just wanted to drop in. I am on my 3rd glass of wine. I made a really good dinner. Steak, mashed potatos, bisquits, salad, corn salsa and calamari . It was good and so is the wine. I got some beautiful roses and cute cards from Dh and little girls. Now I need chocolate.
Well I hope you all enjoyed your day. Vickie I am glad you love Sex in the City. I cant stand Sarah Jessica Parker for some reason so I cant stomach the show. Of course the show I love is Rosanne. I just need 3 more seasons to complete my collection. Veronica loves The Golden Girls.
Ok Sex in the city I can understand because Vickie is so stylish, Rosanne for me because she is a home town type of mom like me and a little chuncky but I still can figure out why Veronica love those old women. Hahahahaha. I do like Sophia the mother because she is a smart ass.
Ok I better go get my buggers to sleep because it is late.
Thanks for the tip of the day.
Love Lisa

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