Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still puking

Ok well I am now 16 weeks and guess what it still hasnt eased up. I have hyperemesis which is a much more serious form of morning sickness. So far I had lost 15 pounds but think I gained back 3. I have been going to the OB every week and now it is 2 weeks. I have been through it with this pregnancy. Thank GOD I found HER foundation which is a major support group for women like me. I am currently on an IV at home for fluids. I have been on a variety of meds . Right now I am very frustrated as I cant find a med that really works. It is especially hard with 2 kids ages 3 and 4. I am basically just trying to get through the day and keep food down and trying to keep stress as low as it can get. With a dirty funky house and kids runnning around my IV pole it is kinda hard. That is why I try to run my fluids at night but guess what the kids still sleep with me so I have to worry about my IV pole and Iv getting mangled in our sleep. LORD HAVE MERCY on me.

HEY where are my sisters?

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