Friday, December 12, 2008


Just wanted to stop in and say hi to everyone. I am never online anymore because I am busy with the new baby and trying to adjust to 3 kids. It isnt easy I must say. I really want to write a book for moms with more than 2 kids because all of the books I see are for new moms. The other night I had to go to a healthfood store to get something for little mister because he is having some sort of belly I get there and he was asleep and halfway through the store he woke up and was flipping out bigtime. So I pay and get the 2 girls and go out to the car. I breastfeed him and he was still upset so I gave him some formula then breastfed again then gave him Gripe Water and that really made him cry so it had the opposite effect I guess then I just finally kinda calmed him and thought I better go home since it was 9pm and I had been in the car for about an hour already. So I tried to turn on the car and it wouldnt turn on so the battery was acting up. So I have the baby crying and the girls fighting and saying they were starving and wanted hamburgers but were fighting over where to go meanwhile I am almost in tears. So I get my kids and go BACK into the store ask for the phone because of course I dont have the cell phone. I called my husband to come get me and got the kids a sandwhich and chips and went BACK out to the car and guess what?? The car started and the baby calmed down enouggh only because before attempting to start the care I BREASTFED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So I need a book that tells me what to do in these situations!!. I must say I forgot how time consuming breastfeeding is. Also this is the first time I was brave enough to take a baby out so small on my own which I wont do it again for a while. It is scary.

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