Saturday, April 18, 2009

We are back and ready for some Hot Weather

We are in our final days of our Spring Break. My hubby and my son are off to school tomorrow. I can't believe they only have like 7 weeks of school left. I am so ready for summer. We have so much going on, and I love it. We have three weddings (including my little sister's)one in the Bay Area, one in Upland, and another in Vegas! I can't wait.

So we just got back from Arizona Tuesday, and it was great. We got to stay at my moms for 5 days. She loves to spoil us. Who doesn't love that? We even got to experience a little Arizona snow. So my camera is still out of service. It makes it so hard to blog with no photos. I hope to have my camera soon or a new one. I hope new, hahah. Have a great weekend.

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