Monday, August 31, 2009

Lisa's Updates and stuff

Well I havent posted in a while because I have not been well and have been really trying to survive motherhood and pregnancy. Lizzie started Kindergarden , Abe turned 9 months and Sophie is just Sophie.
I am now 17 weeks pregnant and STILL sick but to no surprise . I am on home healthcare with Iv's and all. The last one I had in got infected so I had to have it out and a new one placed. Mind you this isnt a regular Iv it is much longer than the norm. The second one placed in the ER was so painful the doc pulled it out the same night. I have been in the Er 2 times the last week. Once because I passed out and the other for the infection. Needless to say my life is rough at the moment. I also am pretty much on my own with the kids because my husband works 7 days a week and really isnt home. I do get down sometimes because the few people I do know in AZ dont even come around and the rest of the family who would totally be there for me are so far away. I really want to move back closer to family and friends because when things are rough you can be there for each other. My husband has some family and I know a few people but it seems people choose to disapear when you are relaly really down and need them. IT is sad that people can be that way. I think if people knew what it was like the would understand it more. I have to say that through my whole pregnancy with Abe my neighbor helped me so much. Now she is pregnant and feeling really nauseated but I know I can count on her for anything. Of course she cant help clean my house or I cant help her right now but anything else we are cool.
Sorry I needed to vent and share. I think we all (including me) need to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and at least try to be there for each other when we can. The hard times are when it counts. Trying to feel someones pain. Trying to understand things that mabey you havent been through but someone else is going through. When I had postpartum depression it was nice to have someone listen like my sisters and sister in laws even though they had no idea what it was like. I had a few people who I tried to explain it to that didnt get it at all.
Well I think I went on enough. I need to put the little man down for a nap and try to sleep a while myself.

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