Thursday, August 27, 2009

Some summer pictures

sorry forgot to turn the pic!

Ava and daddy on the flying elmos

My Family at our hotel in the Bay Area

The girls having a snack.


Is it nap time Mia, you look Grumpy.

Ava and her crazy hair

So I can't believe my hubby has been back to work and my son back to school going on two weeks now. I'm sad and happy at the same time. I love that the girls and I can get back on a routine, but since I feel horrible with my morning sickness(well all day sickness) I wish one of them was here to help me out. It is so hard for me right now. I love to get up and go, I love to clean and organize. But right now I can barely get up, eat, feed the girls, take my son to middle school, get the girls ready, do a few things around here and go pick him up again. On top of that he has football everyday. I so took advantage of my health. I miss feeling normal.
But to cheer up this post here are a few pictures of our summer activities. Enjoy. I will be back soon, and hopefully feeling better. -Vickie

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