Monday, October 19, 2009

More Pics of our home

This is what I woke up to last week. A cold and rainy day. I love it! I am so done with the summer. I want to wear warm comfy clothes. Maybe it's because I'm preggo, but sure am ready. But what a tease this past weekend was 102 degrees out. I love the dark clouds and wet streets.

So my first picture is the girls play room. I love that the toys hardly ever leave this room. They play and watch movies in here.

I am pretty weird about there toys. I try not to be, but everything has to be in it's place. It just works better that way.

This room is great for now, but with our new baby coming in March this room might soon be the playroom/girls room. We will see.

This is Robert's room. Everyone always makes a comment about how clean his room is. I'm pretty lucky that he keeps it up and looking like this.

He loves his room. His getaway from his little sisters.

And this final picture is of our window from the top of the stairs. I Love to wake up in the morning and look out. And on sunny days it lets so much sun into the house. So here are some more pics. Have a great Monday.

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