Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday fun and Lazy day

This weekend came and went. But we sure did have fun. Saturday Robert had a game, we then came home had yummy pizza, and relaxed with a few friends over. It was great. But Sunday was fun. We woke up late, had a great breakfast and played the Wii. We hardly ever play anymore, but we hooked it up and played a few games.

We first played the Shrek game. It was so much. I l0ve how involved you have to get. Jumping around, waving your arms. And then a little Guitar Hero. I loved to watch the girls trying to play. They look so cute with there p.j's on holding the big guitars.

Sorry I forgot to turn the picture again.

Ava just wanted to hold it. And spin it like they do on t.v.

Ava is such a cutie. She actually like the singing better than playing. We had a blast. The best part of Sunday was convincing my hubby to go to the grocery store with me. It is so much help to have him there helping me figure out what to make for dinner. Bye for now.-Vickie

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