Friday, February 20, 2009

Back from Nebraska

Well we went on an unexpected trip to Nebraska. It was so great to see my husbands family. Aside from my sisters my 2 sister in law are my best friends. It is nice to have that. I hadnt seen them in years so it was great. We only stayed 2 days. It was a 22 hour drive there and then another 22 back. Mabey more. It felt like 100 hours because the girls had to keep getting out to pee every 5 minutes but we got through it. Not to mention my 3 month old baby . I hate to admit it but he was out of his carseat attatched to my boob most of the trip. I was paranoid the whole time. Forget the ticket but what if we had an accident? It was hard traveling with a baby so small and 2 little girls but well worth it.
The bad part is is that the girls have a cold and Lizzie has a terrible cough. Well I will post pics of our trip tommorow. I am very tired. We got home Wenesday and I havent stopped since. My house looks pretty clean but I have some organizing to do.

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