Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yummy things and Neat kid things

Yesterday was full of yummy things and fun things. I had some bananas in my fruit basket that were pretty brown and I knew nobody would touch them. So I pulled out one of my favorite cook books Bettty Crocker and found a yummy recipe for Banana Bread. It was so good, it's just about gone. Yummy in my tummy. We also got a few packages in the mail. I sure love to get goodies in the mail. One of my friends from Stroller Strides had this cute toy for her daughter. It's a I spy bag. Similar to the books but in a little compact bag. It has a clear window and a list that is attached. It keeps the kids entertained just about anywhere. I love that I can take the list off and ask Mia to look for stuff for me. There are over 40 items to look for. Everthing from a birthday candle to a seashell. This is our new favorite toy. I found ours on ETSY. If you would like one the sellers shop name is: lostartdesigns.etsy.com

Our next thing we got in the mail makes my life easier and the girls love it. They are called snack-a-long bags. They are so cute. They are bags with a handle and are lined with a a easy to clean inside. Since I go to stroller Strides 3 times a week these bags are going to be great. I always take a cooler bag with me with a whole bunch of snacks for the girls. They always seem to fight over the bag. And then I came across these. They each can have a bag with there goodies in them. They are big enough for a drink and sandwich and small enough to fit anywhere. And when they get dirty I can throw them in the wash. Don't you love the prints? I also got this on ETSY and this sellers shop name is: mojacreations.etsy.com

Pretty neat, huh?? So if you haven't yet noticed I love ETSY. I wish I was crafty enough to have a shop on ETSY. Maybe one day.

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