Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wildcats Football

Team captains flipping the coin.
Roberts getting in there for the tackle.

Getting ready to play.

Robert's touchdown catch. It was pretty awesome.

His teammate giving him some props after his touchdown.

This Friday and Saturday were great days for my Husband and Son. They both kicked some butt. My husbands high school football team won: 48-14. It was a great game. I took the girls to see daddy in action. They loved it. Besides Mia hiding every time the Wildcats Mascot came close to her. She was practically under my shirt. She is so funny.

My sons game on Saturday was also great. The hour and 45 min drive and the 111 degree heat was all worth it. His team won: 34-0. And best of all Robert scored a touchdown. It was great. I'm so proud. I got some great pictures of Robert being team captain and him in action. He is #9. Have a great rest of the weekend. Go Wildcats!!!

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