Friday, September 25, 2009

Our Home #2

Ok so here I go again. I am posting more pis of the house. I actually feel better today, so I cleaned up a bit and took these before the house gets messy again. This first pic is our family room that leads into the kitchen /dining area.

Here is our kitchen table area/ kitchen.

Family room. Sorry the sun was not letting me take good pictures.

Just more pictures. I know the walls are pretty plain, can't decide what to put up.

More pics of the kitchen, dining area, and that door leads to the garage.

My kitchen, it's smaller than my other kitchen, but hey less to clean.

And here is the pool table room. We have it covered so the girls won't be tempted to take the balls out of the pockets.

We love the downstairs lay out. It is so cozy. I will get to the upstairs one of these days. Hopefully my energy stays a few more days and I can clean it all up. Bye for now. -Vickie

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