Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Home

I have wanting to put pic's on the blog so that my sisters and fellow bloggers can see my new home. Here are a few pictures of our patio. When I feel more up to it I will post more of the inside.

This first one is of our patio. We have to front doors. The first one is connected to our "CASITA" :aka: man cave. You then walk into the patio and onto our second front door into our home. And the second one is of our first front door.

My little flowers. I love them. But with this 100 degree weather they are struggling.

This is the girls area in the patio. They have there little home and sand and water table.

Here is the side of my house. We have grass and some great trees.

And here is my back yard. It's not much but we love it. We have a great view of the baseball fields and the park. We really don't need to much of a backyard, because our community has so much to do. Hey it's less work for us.

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The Strassburgs said...

Wow! I love your yard, thanks for posting pictures!! I think I've been to Harveston in Temecula before and it is so nice there! Conratulations on your new house, and I can't wait to find out if your having a boy or exciting!