Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Guess who's 1!!!!!

Reyna my niece is Turing 1 years old tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE REYNA. This little girl is such a sweet baby. She has such a great personality. She is always laughing and smiling. My absolute favorite thing she does is being nosy. She loves to watch and listen to what people are doing and saying. She them gets the cutest serious look on her face. SOOO funny. Reyna has also done something very special. My sister has always been a great sister, a great friend and now she is a wonderful mother. It seriously brings a tear in my eye and a feeling of warmth in my heart to see her and Reyna. She loves this little girl like crazy and the look Reyna gets when she sees mommy is priceless. I can't it's been one year since her birth. I can't wait to see miss Reynie grow up. Happy B-day!! We love and miss you.
Tia Vickie

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