Monday, January 26, 2009

Love Notes

I was just sitting here thinking of how much I love my sisters and why. I couldnt choose better friends and wouldnt want to. I just thought it was important to let you guys know how much I love you both. I think we need to do that with the people we are surrounded by and try to see the good in them. I guess we all have faults but if we just try to see the good in people especially those who are harder to get along with them it makes life easier.
There was a priest (Father Caropi) on EWTN one night and he was saying how back in the days as a sacrifice those who are now saints would wear a sweater made out of cat hair and it was really itchy and uncomfortable. They did this to be able to tolerate more and more. Well he said that now a days we all have our sweaters but instead of a garmet it is the people we live with or deal with daily.
Who is your sweater? I know mine.. or actually I have a few!! LOL.My sisters know who my 3 are.

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