Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Ladies I'm back

Hey everyone, I'm back. Our Summer is now coming to an end. My husband goes back to work this Friday and My son starts 6Th grade on the 18Th. Yay, no more "I'm bored".
And also as of Tuesday of next week I am a FOOTBALL WIDOW. It's hard at the beginning of the season, but as the season goes on I get in the groove and the girls and I get on a schedule. I really like the beginning of the school year, because even though I don't go back to work or school it feels like a fresh start for me. I do this list of things at the start of the every school year and a few new one's :

1. I Get a new planner( I write down all of my husbands football games, parent meeting and our play dates)
2. I clean out any junk drawers that hold coupons, recipes, take-out menus, and old mail.
3. I get special folders for school information, clipping from magazines (like recipes and decorating ideas) and I also put extra copies of my son's chore charts.
4. And last I sit down and start planning my goals for the year, here are a few: 1. Get into better shape (TONE UP THAT FLAB), 2.I really want to start running on a daily basis(I would love to run a marathon one day), 3. I want to become a better cook and get my family eating a lot healthier. and 4. I want to take care of myself more, we always push our needs aside but this year I want to take time each day for me. Even if it's 20-30min. just to read a magazine, take a jog, or polish my nails. It makes me a better mom and wife if I can unwind.

Well, I look forward to Blogging some more. I also look forward to reading all of my favorite blogs. Bye for now, Vickie

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Christine said...

Hey Vickie! I know how busy you get during this time of year! I miss you! Tell the ladies hello for me...