Monday, August 4, 2008


Well I am glad that one of my sisters is back. Not that we dont talk daily but it is fun. Even for me that I dont have kids in school come september I feel a new start too. Just programed that way I guess. I just had my 24 week appointment and it seems like I am getting somewhere. I have my next 3 appointments set up so the end feels closer.
Vickie that is a great idea to make this a new start instead of waiting for the New Year. Summer is almost over. I have my planner set up till the 1st of December then the pages run out. I feel like I cant start till baby is here and I feel human again. I have plans too.
1. To set aside an hour a day for the girls for learning such as writting or practicing letters and numbers and the evening 1/2 hour for a project or me reading them a book.
2. TO get the girls in their OWN beds.
3. Set up babies little things.

Thats is about all I can hang with right now. I really do desire to become an organized woman but it has always been a challenge. I cant do all I want till baby is out and I am not puking my guts out but I can make plans and notes.


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