Friday, August 1, 2008

Favorite Beauty Items

Ok another buddy did this on her blog so I thought I would start this too.Mind you I have been out of the beauty world and stuff for years so I am sure there atre bigger and better out there but these are my favorites.

Favorite Makeup line or Items: I love Clinque because it is great makeup and works well for my sensitive skin. The foundation I love is the Super Fit. Also they have the best lipgloss.

SKIN CARE : Principal Secret HANDS DOWN!! THis has got to be the best skin care line I have found. I was hooked on Murad which is great but it is very expensive . I have tried many many lines and one day saw the informercial and ordered it and have been on it ever since. I have many people hooked on it too.

Body Lotions: I wish I were good at remebering to apply it but I am not and I have horrible dry skin. So Cetaphil has been great when I remeber. It is a cream which is thicker, has no scent and good for sensitive skin.

Well thats about it for me I still need help with my eyelashes that are superlong but fine and after I curl and put on mascara they are back down again and it makes me angry.

Well hopefully my sisters will add to this since they are better at this and always smell pretty.

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