Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Hello ladies,
Well today like most I am having mood swings. Most due to pregnancy and also the anti-nausea medication I am on. I am mega stressed out and dont know what to do with the kids. The constant demands are wearing on me. I took them to get an ice cream and thought that would break up the day but now they want to go swimming and I just want to lay down and sleep till my contractions kick in.
I made another batch of Rocky Road because after a meal it puts a better taste in my mouth and I actually can eat it.
I have a list of food I want to eat once the baby is born:
I big burrito from my Taqueria
A gallon of ice water

See I am not asking for much even if I didnt have anything but the WATER that would be nice. I truly miss being able to drink fluids and not feel terrible afterewards. The constant state of dehydration is really not good.
Well I better go get the kids in the pool and worn out so they go to bed early.

Mia looks adorable.

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