Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My new keep me organized and ready to go box

Hey moms I found a cool box a few days a ago. I needed a box to keep by my stairs on my counter. I have this counter with cabinets right where the stairs are. I usually keep my diaper bag, my cell phone and charger, my planner, any books or magazines I am reading, and other little odds and ends. When I saw this box at ROSS the other day I knew it would be perfect. It has a lid that flips open and it has to holes on each side. I put all my goodies in it. I can even keep my cell phone cord nice and neat. I just slid the cord through the hole and my phone in neat inside. I love my box. Isn't it funny how little things like that can make a difference. I now have all the stuff I need in one place, ready for me to grab and go. Do any of you have any good ideas for organizing? Any neat boxes, bags, baskets? I would love some great ideas. VICKIE

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