Tuesday, August 12, 2008

30 days to a happier, more confident you!!

I got my September issue of Shape magazine last week and there is an article in it that caught my eye. Every week you do something diff rent to help with your confidence and make you happier. If you don't subscribe to Shape I will post the to-do list for that week. Just in case any of you want to do it with me.
Week 1: Picture yourself happy. Find a photo from a time in your life when you were content and post it somewhere you'll see it often. It creates a point of reference, reminding you that you can be in that place again. Id your excuses. There will always be reasons you can't eat healthy at work, hit the treadmill, and more. Write down a few of them, and think about whether they're actually valid. Quiet your mind. Silence can be a hard commodity to come by, but it's benefits make it well worth the investment. Give yourself an hour to clear your head. Take a walk, go have a coffee alone, or walk into a quite store. Stand and deliver. Body language. Perfect your posture by holding your body erect and your head high, and your confidence levels are certain to follow in suit. Silence your inner critic. "you have no will power!" "your so lazy!" The more you say negative things to yourself, the more you'll swallow them as reality. Replace those words with more self-accepting one.
Give this a try this week I will post new to-do list next week. Have a great day!Vickie

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