Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just wanted to thank you Vik for posting and we are still here. We should be going home today. His levels were actually up again. They were 19.5 when we got here and after a few days of photo therapy they went down to 12.4 and are now up to 13.5. I guess it is normal for it to go up on the 5th day or so . We will have to see the doctor tomorrow and have the levels tested.
I must say it had been an very hard year. Many things have happened but I am hoping things will get better. I thought our hospital stays were over . I just need my life to get back on track somehow. Just being here seeing all of the sick babies and kids has made me realize how LUCKY we are to have healthy kids. I cant imagine having a child with cancer or any other serious illness. In the NICU it is pretty sad. We are at the Phoenix Childrens Hospital and it is really a sad place to be. I am grateful the what Abe had was easy to fix even though I must say I was in tears and a total mess the first few days and have had little to no sleep. Just seeing him under those lights and not being able to hold him when he needed me just about killed me.
I did go home for about an hour to take a shower and also gave the girls a shower and got them dolled up since my husband isnt that great at the hair thing. It was nice to see the girls. Also my house is a total mess. I dont know .....mabey a hurricane passed through there while I have been here and it also smells very funky.
I just ask you all to please keep me in your prayers as usual.

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Nine (+) Texans and friends... said...

Happy to hear you and Abel are doing so much better.
I'll be happy to never see the inside of a NICU again too. If you are interested my blog posts from May chronicle our adventure.