Saturday, November 1, 2008

What HYPEREMESIS has taught me so far.....

Well you all know I am in my 36th week of this nausea and puking illness and so far I have learned a few things. I know it is hard to relate unless you have had a taste of it but here goes....
1. Eating crackers before I get up and out of bed doesnt work, wont work and please dont suggest it.
2. You learn who your TRUE friends and family are very fast especially after the so called 3 month period when everyone THINKS it is gonna be over never ends till the end.
3. You learn what a strong person you are when you really think about it.
4. You actually know more about hyperemesis than you OB.
5. You could actaully end up being a nurse if you had to inject yourself with medication day in and day out.

I will add more later as I am sure there is more.

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